Top five players who have scored the fastest century in international T20 cricket, these names will surprise you!

5. Sudesh Vikramshekhar

The joint second-highest T20I score of 278/4 was recorded by Czech Republic against Turkey in the Continental Cup in Ilfov County in August 2019. Czech Republic's Sudesh Wickramasekara scored a century in 35 balls in that game and scored 104 not out. With the help of 8 fours and 10 sixes in 36 balls, he remains at fifth position.

4. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is the fourth batsman to score the fastest T20I century against Sri Lanka in 2017. Rohit Sharma equaled David Miller's record by scoring a century in 35 balls as he scored 118 runs in just 43 balls against Sri Lanka.

3. David miller

David Miller holds the record for scoring the third fastest century in T20 International cricket, he achieved this milestone in just 35 balls. Which he played an innings of 101 runs against Bangladesh in 2017.

2. Kushal Malla

Nepal's Kushal Malla took 34 balls to complete his century, the fastest in T20Is. This century came against Mongolia in the year 2023, in this match Nepal had scored 300+ runs.

1. Jan Nicole Lofty-Eaton

Lofty-Eaton scored 101 runs in just 36 balls which included 11 fours and 8 sixes and became the first batsman to complete a century with a four on the 33rd ball. The previous fastest century in men's T20I was by Nepal's Kushal Malla.