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Indonesian footballer lost his life due to lightning during friendly match

Indonesian footballer lost his life after being struck by lightning in tragic match incident – raising immediate safety concerns in outdoor sports.

Indonesian footballer
Indonesian footballer lost his life after being struck by lightning in tragic match incident.

Indonesian footballer dies after being struck by lightning during heart-wrenching friendly match, incident captured in viral footage

A devastating incident unfolded during a friendly football match in which a 35-year-old Indonesian player lost his life after being struck by lightning at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, West Java. The tragic incident occurred during a game between 2nd FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang and was caught on camera, footage of which is going viral on social media.

Local media reports indicate that the player was initially breathing after being struck by lightning, but died due to injuries sustained during the tragic incident. A similar incident had happened in Indonesia last year also.

Video shows the moment the footballer, isolated on the field, was struck by lightning, causing him to instantly collapse. Eyewitnesses said that there were scorch marks on the player’s jersey, which indicate the intensity of the lightning strike.

The incident, which took place on February 10, occurred amid clear skies, after being struck by lightning, the player was taken to Saringsih Hospital for treatment, but sadly, he was declared dead.

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Fatal lightning strikes amid unpredictable weather highlight the urgency of clear guidelines – a tragic parallel in East Java

This tragic incident raises concerns about safety measures during adverse weather conditions in outdoor sports activities. While the discussion about ensuring the safety of players has gained momentum, it is important to keep in mind that the match should be played under clear skies. There was a sudden change in weather conditions during the game, leading to a fatal lightning strike.

A similar incident occurred in Bojongoro, East Java in 2023, where a youth football player suffered cardiac arrest after being struck by lightning during the Soratin U-13 Cup. Despite efforts to save him, the young player died at Ibnu Sina Hospital in Bojonegoro.

Urgent call for strict protocols in unpredictable weather – Referee’s role important in players’ safety

These incidents highlight the need for heightened awareness and stringent safety protocols during extreme weather, especially in areas prone to sudden changes. Referees play a key role in determining whether to play matches in challenging weather conditions, as evidenced by the Royal Netherlands Football Association’s decision to suspend all football games on 8 February 2020 due to high wind speeds in the country. It shows.

This tragic incident is a reminder of the sensitivity of outdoor sports to unpredictable weather conditions and the importance of prioritizing the safety of players and spectators. Emphasizes the imperative of sustained efforts to enhance security measures in the face of unpredictable natural challenges.



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