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Defeat (2-0) in Al Nassr clash with Al-Hilal, Messi spells, and controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr had to face a disappointing defeat against Al-Hilal in a thrilling match in the Riyadh Season Cup final on Thursday, in which Al-Hilal defeated Al Nassr 2-0, but a lot happened in this match. In which there was to be a match between Ronaldo and Messi, which took an indirect mode because Ronaldo himself heard the slogans of Messi from the fans of Al Hilal, due to which Ronaldo was not focused on the match.

Al Nassr
It was a frustrating night for Cristiano Ronaldo and his team (Source: Al Nassr X account)

Ronaldo’s Lackluster Performance and Frustrations Amidst Messi’s Chants

Ronaldo’s performance was challenging throughout the match and his performance was very lackluster. Even after four attempts on goal, only one shot was saved by Al-Hilal goalkeeper Yasin. Ronaldo became even more frustrated when he became visibly agitated by Messi’s slogans, to which Ronaldo responded by saying “That’s where I am right now. Not Messi”, as recorded in the video by fans.

The controversy took a turn in the evening when another video surfaced on social media in which Ronaldo’s rude remarks towards Al-Hilal and their group were revealed. While leaving the field, Ronaldo was met with an Al-Hilal scarf that was thrown at him. On which Ronaldo expressed his displeasure and threw it away.

It is worth noting that the multi-faceted confrontation between Ronaldo and Messi has been going on for more than a decade, both of them are icons of football, they were supposed to face each other in the last match but due to Ronaldo injury it was postponed. Despite the match remaining incomplete, Al Nassr defeated Ante Miami 6-0 and Ronaldo saved himself with a beautiful victory.

Shaping Al Nassr’s journey ahead in the AFC Champions League

A disappointing night for Ronaldo ended with a yellow card for kicking the ball in anger after being awarded a free-kick against Al-Hilal. As Al-Nassr turn their attention to the AFC Champions League round of 16 tie, this Riyadh Season Cup final has left a significant mark on Ronaldo’s journey in Saudi Arabia.

The heated encounter was symbolic of the enduring rivalry between Ronaldo and Ronaldo, even though they currently play in different continents, with Ronaldo playing for Saudi Arabia and Messi playing for Inter Miami in the United States. There are still chants of “Messi, Messi, Messi” in the stadium in protest against Ronaldo, which shows that the rival is still alive in this new phase of his career.

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But Ronaldo and his team will look to bounce back in the Round of 16 and their team’s resilience will be tested as they aim to avenge their defeat to Al-Hilal.



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