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Cody Rhodes’ storyline began with The “Final Boss” Rock after Roman Reigns eliminated him at WrestleMania 40.

The “Final Boss” Rock: Today’s Monday Night Raw was emotional for Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare after WrestleMania 40 Cody Rhodes’ first promo as World Champion was emotional.

Cody Rhodes Crowned as New Face of WWE by Triple H

Triple H has announced Cody Rhodes as the new face of WWE and has called the WWE the beginning of a new era. Although The “Final Boss” Rock entered this promo quite late, as soon as The Final Boss entered, the fans started to ignore The Rock, but The Rock pushed them aside from the fans.

The story of The American Nightmare has been a tough journey, coming from a previous WrestleMania loss to Roman Reigns. But he faced Bloodline at WrestleMania 40.

There was a very strange moment in today’s Monday Night Raw when The Rock asked the “Final Boss” Cody Rhodes to share the title with him, in which he handed the title of “The People’s Champion” to Cody. And with the WWE Championship on his shoulders, Cody told how he feels with this title and how this title looks on a champion.

However, The Rock “Final Boss” made it clear that the story of Roman Reigns has not yet ended but a new story has just begun and said “A new era and a new story has begun and I am your Today is already done.”

The “Final Boss” Rock Hints at Epic Showdown with Cody Rhodes in WWE

We can see a match between The Rock and Cody in the coming time on WWE and on the ground, the stage is being set for a big match between these two.

However, before the promo ended, The Rock did something that has created a mystery on Monday Night Raw The Rock handed Cody something that the Final Boss refused to see.

The Rock said that he is going to be away from professional wrestling for some time, he has a film that he has to complete but whenever he returns, he will face Cody Rhodes whether he is the champion or not.



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