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The Rock: Cody Rhodes Sacrifices WrestleMania 2024 Main Event for The Rock, Set to Clash with Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes, who won the WWE Royal Rumble match, was supposed to main event at WrestleMania but he gave this opportunity to The Rock. Now perhaps Cody Rhodes is going to clash with Seth Rollins.

The Rock has expressed his concern regarding his presence in SmackDown. The Rock thanked people and Cody Rhodes on social media after a weekend full of controversy. 

This time The Rock is going to face Roman Reigns in WrestleMania. WWE fans had been demanding the return of The Rock for a long time. He is one of the most popular superstars of WWE. He is also a successful person in business making him the highest paid star in Hollywood.

However, people believe that the way WWE has prepared the matches, it seems to be headed for failure in many ways.

It took a long time for Cody Rhodes to reach here but he disappeared from WWE for some time but has surprised everyone with his return in 2022. He wants to finish the story started by his father Dusty.

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Friends, you are shocked to know that Dusty has never won WWE Championship and Cody Rhodes wants to fulfill his dream. Last year people expected that Cody Rhodes would defeat Roman Reigns but it did not happen but Roman Reigns defeated Cody which was very surprising.

In WWE, Cody Rhodes has improved himself from day to day, but it seems that WWE has deliberately kept Cody Rhodes’ match with Seth Rollins, who will now probably fight for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

TKO’s Support, WWE’s Decade-Long Anticipation for the rock, and Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania Dilemma

The Rock had the support of TKO’s managers. When someone with international fame like The Rock enters the ring, the opponent has to leave the ring even if he does not want to and apart from this he cannot do anything else. WWE fans had been waiting for more than a decade, they have made a comeback on WWE’s request, so perhaps there was no need for much discussion.

But if we look at the many ways in which the match could have been fixed, perhaps it would be true to say that Cody Rhodes’ father’s dream is looking weak in front of The Rock. Now Cody Rhodes has no other option but to fight Seth Rollins, Reigns will easily defeat the Rock and like every time, Roman Reigns will win.



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