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CM Punk seen attacking Jack Perry backstage at AEW Dynamite

Young Bucks released a controversial video footage in which CM Punk suddenly attacked Jack Perry. In which both of them started arguing with each other about something and then suddenly attacked Jack Perry.

CM Punk Fired from AEW

In this video footage, Samoa Joe was seen, who was earlier associated with WWE but after some time he joined AEW Dynamite, in this video footage he was seen defending between these two fighters.

Due to this fight, Punk was fired from AEW. At the time, AEW said in a statement, “An investigation revealed that the AEW Disciplinary Committee met with external legal counsel before unanimously agreeing to the contract with Punk.” Decided to end it.”

Punk returns to WWE, impressive debut in Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 40

CM Punk returned to WWE in April after terminating his controversial contract with AEW, and also took part in the Royal Rumble in January, in which he was injured for a long time due to a triceps injury and had to stay away from the action.

He was not seen in the ring at WWE’s WrestleMania 40, but he was seen doing commentary at ringside. Punk became notable in a feud with Drew McIntyre in WWE. Drew McIntyre was facing World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, this fight was won by Drew McIntyre but he remained champion only for 5 minutes.

Because Judgment Day member Damian Priest had lost his Money in the Bank contract, although CM Punk was behind Damian Priest becoming champion.

Fans speculate on Punk’s fate due to backstage controversy surrounding AEW Dynamite Episode 4/10

One show of AEW, episode 4/10 was famous all over the world, AEW was preparing to make an event after it. However, with the release of backstage footage, the whole world started wondering what might have happened to Punk who got involved in the controversy.

The footage released by The Young Bucks began to be linked to a different storyline where Jack Perry and Punk’s storyline was addressed to prove their dominance against 4/10 AEW Dynamite and the upcoming FTR.

Now it will be very interesting to see how WWE Universe builds Punk in the future and what is the impact after seeing this footage.



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