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Lamine Yamal a new rising star leads Barcelona to 1-0 win against Mallorca

Barcelona had to win against Mallorca, with a goal from new rising star Lamin Yamal giving Barcelona the vital three points at home.

Lamine Yamal
New rising star Lamin Yamal. (Photo Source: FC Barcelona Gallery)

16-year-old young Yamal leads Barcelona to victory against Mallorca (1-0) in La Liga 2023-24

Barcelona vs Mallorca (1-0) LaLiga 2023-24: Lamine Yamal, who is playing for Barcelona at the age of only 16, did wonders on Friday night with his brilliant game and has brought Barcelona to the second position in the points table of La Liga. Real Madrid is on top of La Liga just five points behind Madrid. Barcelona has overtaken Girona who remained in second place.

Goalless First Half

At the beginning of the match, Barcelona started counter-attacking in which Jose Copete attacked Raphinha’s leg but the referee had no reaction to it. In the 24th minute, Mallorca had a chance to score a goal, which came in the form of a penalty, but Rajkovic easily destroyed their goalscoring hopes.

Barcelona’s first substitution, coming in the 36th minute of the first half, saw Raphinha, who was struggling with injury, replaced by Fermín López. Both teams failed to score a goal in the first half and the score line ended at 0-0. There were a lot of attempts from both sides to score a goal, which included several free kicks; Gundogan was given a chance to score in a complex game.

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Lamine Yamal’s 73rd minute goal sealed Barcelona’s victory

At the beginning of the second half, Lamin Yamal took a shot but failed to score the goal. Barcelona’s first yellow card came on 52 minutes, given to Inigo Martínez for a bad foul. In the second half, Mallorca were replaced by Danny Rodríguez after an injury to Manu Morlanes. On the other hand, Barcelona had two substitutions in which Joao Felix, Marc Guieu got a chance and Robert Lewandowski and Vitor Roque were rested.

Barcelona’s first goal came in the 73rd minute, Lamin Yamal broke the defense of Mallorca and took the ball inside the box. Rajkovic had no chance and Yamal beautifully gave Barcelona the lead in the match.

Yamal’s brilliant goal has brought Barcelona to a new level. Yamal’s brilliant goal separated the score line and gave Barcelona the lead in the match 1-0 and till the end of the game, Barcelona kept full pressure on Mallorca. Was This victory is important for Barcelona because Barcelona has to play against Napoli in the Champions League. This victory boosted their confidence especially to the new young Yamal who is the new star of the football world.



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